Andolini's toys - 2
Andolini's toys - 2

Andolini's toys - 2

Gay video. Time: 10 min

Andolini has driven one of his bottoms crazy again. Joly the Hoe lives in the trunk of his car and wants to be used at any time. Andolini fucks him hard. The boss has an irresistible voice and an addictive dick. If you get a taste of it and start obeying him, you run the risk of not wanting to do anything else in life. Aware of his power, Andolini piles on the orders to test the endurance of his human sextoy, which he pounds standing up and then on the floor. A real inflatable doll, moaning loudly and adoring Master, throwing at his ifeet as soon as ut has two seconds to recover between two intensive fuck. Andolini is seriously the best trainer you've ever seen.

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