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Visiting Berlin, Viktor Rom and a daddy buddy decide to go to the Boner store, where they know the owner, who lets them breed asses in the middle of the store. With their huge cocks, they quickly attract bottom customers who have come to try out the kinky lingerie. An orgy breaks out in the store, and Viktor and the daddy go on a wild ass-fucking marathon, filling bottom customers with cum.

Depravity among friends

The guys in this neighborhood are good-looking twinks but like to play tough guys. Above all, they're obsessed with sex and deprave themselves among their buddies. The most vicious of the bunch loves to introduce his mates to new experiences. He likes to sniff their sneakers and get them wet with pre-cum in their underwear before sniffing them too. He'll initiate a buddy and then take him to a corner for a hot orgy. Pure hard sex.

Rutting football players
Rutting football players

Two soccer players are chilling out after a game. When their feet start touching, they start feeling horny. In no time one of the two is smelling the other's dirty socks, slowly going up between his legs to lick his sweaty balls and worship his musky cock. He wants it buried deep between his ass-cheeks. He doesn't have to wait too long...check this out!

Builders work on their client&146;s ass

When you choose only young builders to work on a project you have to expect certain things...Like the group starting to fuck right under your nose...Young dudes with big cocks fucking like dogs in heat? Not a bad thing after all, especially when their attention turns to you!

Cum Hungry Twink Takes 2 Loads

Little Nico, on a leash, is led into the room by dominatrixes Mark and Vincent, and there's no time to lose. His smooth little ass is whipped by Vincent while Mark, the inked pussycat, is rubbed and sucked by their docile plaything. Of course, the twink is expected to suck and lick his two masters, a task he seems particularly good at as he moves from one hard cock to the other, their penises rubbing against each other in his face. Lying on his stomach, it's time for their toy to take their cocks into his tight, raw little hole, both taking their turn to plunge their hard lengths between his cheeks. Turned around for a deeper fuck, the two swap and pump her pussy some more, plunging their hot cocks in and out of her little hole until they're satisfied they've got two good loads of cum to feed her. He's not allowed to empty his own cock until he's sucked their squirt, but it's a messy task he's more than happy to perform.

Submitted to the feet of the bosses | X-Scape Games - Part 1
Submitted to the feet of the bosses | X-Scape Games - Part 1

Vlad for his first time in porn starts strong! Lost in an escape room game, he is being wickedly taken in hand by a merciless Dimitri Venum and a thirsty Andre Madd sex. But our fiery young colt and ready to do anything to escape this hell ... ready for anything? Really ? His mouth and ass will remember long.

Dominated by 2 straight

This young gay man has followed two straight rednecks into their apartment, and they're treating him like he's got no balls! Very domineering, macho, they subject him to their big dicks. They're rough, they like to make gays grovel in front of their thick dicks. Deep throating is compulsory. They like their asses kissed. They comment. Their powerful hands take control. A moment of intense defilement.

Choose who you want to watch fuck

A handsome blond businessman has set up a new game: you can choose online and live who you watch fucking while being filmed. Today it's a hooded dom and a guy in a collar. Once selected, the guys go into a corner to have their booty-shag in front of the camera. And the show is well worth the watch, bottom is definitely being a perfect cock-worshipper who's not afraid to get fucked hard. The hooded male is going to make him moan to the max by showing him off and stuffing him.

Fucked on the job

Eric started a new job a few weeks ago. He goes to houses and flats to renovate them. His teammate is more senior than him and he's built like a brick house. One day when he starts playing with his ass on the job, Eric doesn't know what to think. But it becomes clear to him that he's gonna be the one getting fucked one way or another!

Straight and broke

A butch heterosexual tries his luck with a slut machine. "Why don't you come jerk off for us? Shoot your dick in front of the camera! "Look at him!

He's waiting for us, he wants it hard

Evan and Alain are about to meet a bottom twink with a thirst for domination and cocks. The guy is waiting for them, tied up on the floor. He wants really hard sex. He's in luck: when they dominate a guy together, Evan and Alain can show no mercy. They're going to satisfy all the hard sex fantasies of this bottom thrill-seeker, fucking him through every hole and treating him like a real cum dump.

3 hungry hunks on a big dick | X-Scape Games - Part 2

It&39;s Nils' turn to put his skills in motion to get information on how to get out of the escape room. He goes to take care of Thiago's big cock, the master of the game. Very quickly joined by André Madd it's finally a trio of suckers who goes to worship Dimitri Venum's concrete dick.