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Learn how to get fucked by a bareback partner

Felix takes his friend Jack to a kinky place to give him a lesson in bareback, and within moments he's got his innocent friend tied up, leaning forward with his thin wrists tightly cuffed, his long uncut cock in his friend's mouth. The dom twink knows how to take charge and teach a new boy to suck, but his friend seems to like the taste of that slobbery cock and doesn't mind the lesson. Once Jack's pants are down and his smooth little ass is spanked, he's ready to take that big bareback cock inside him. Felix fills him up, the kitty's mouth stretching around his hot cock. He fucks young Jack for his own pleasure and soaks his cheeks with his hot cum in a spectacular climax. He pushes his wet meat back inside to give Jack a gooey prize to take home, and lets his friend jerk off to get his own juicy cream out. From the Young Bastards studio, starring Felix Harris and Jack Moon.


Gang of amateur rugby players- Scene: after-match changing room action. Rugby players in dirty kits, one passive on massage table banged by hairy males.


Viktor Rom looks at the tattooed Bear in lllA's Ass and he asks him to put his hand in it so Viktor doesn't think about it much and puts his hand in it, having fun with a large Dildo, he opens his ass and then plays with both hands and gives him a delicious fisting

Straight Delivery

Some straight guy like to show off. Those who show off for gay guys are rare but we found one who does. Be ready for this: super butch, super sexy, super hung, a delivery hunk is proud of his big dick and he loves the thought of men jerking off to him. Check him out!

Mickey Taylor's subversive gay games

Tyler, a blond gay twink, is in a dungeon to be dominated, and not by just anyone: the gorgeous, tattooed Mickey Taylor arrives to introduce him to his pleasures. Mickey's sweet face is deceptive: he likes it hard, and what turns him on is dragging good, bottom guys into his subversive games. Tyler lets himself go and finds himself testing the pliers. Mickey stimulates him in many ways, introducing him to intense new forms of pleasure.

The coach's favourite

Jimmy is cute, smooth, sexy, eager and motivated. He is the coach's favourite. He is not the best player but he's the one who can please the coach once everyone is gone home. Jimmy loves his touch, the way he gives him his big cock and most of all, he loves getting fucked by his boss!

A married man in need of change

A couple of builders hired by a straight married man start horsing around in the bedroom they're supposed to work on. When he walks in by surprise the look on his face says a lot. He's obviously turned on and looks like he be in need of cock!

Young Burglar’s Raw Punishment

Young Johnny Polak chose the wrong apartment to burglarize. Had he known the apartment belonged to the muscular Zack Hood, he would have thought twice. But, on second thought, maybe he wouldn't have? The big man goes into an understandable rage, but when a guy like him has a good-looking guy like Johnny to punish, it's his little hole that's going to take a hit. With his clothes off and his face red from slapping, the pussycat is forced to suck that big muscular cock, paying for his crime with his wet mouth.But with Zack fucking his face and feeding him precum, he can't help but get hard. His cock is rigid, even as Zack bends him over and drives his bareback fuckstick deep into his slit,. Pumping cream from his young cock, Johnny gets off, and Zack isn't far behind, pulling out to unload his cream on the handsome guy before expelling it. I think it's likely Johnny will be back in less than a week.

Addicted to cock and muscles

A young guy is totally under the control of a muscle bisexual stud. Tattooed, masculine, dominant, shaved head, the top loves to have a boy worshipping his big schlong. He must be able to deep-throat him. He must be ready to take his cock and taste his load!

My noisiest gay fuck ever !

An anon gay fetish fuck, my ass ready to get pounded. Him, making me understand today was gay breeding day. He moaned so hard ! Such a noisy gay fuck. It was super hot.

Plastic pleasures
Plastic pleasures

Cristian is a gay bottom twink eager for sultry experiences. He knows he's in good hands with Sean, a dom his own age, brimming with kinky ideas. After putting ropes around him, Sean invites him to new sensations under the sign of plastic! He envelops Cristian while stimulating his sex with varying degrees of intensity. Between sensuality and corrections, Cristian is awakened to hard pleasure and ends up cumming after an irresistible edging.


At the sex club, gay twink Ken Summers comes across Viktor Rom locked in a cage. Viktor begs him to free him. Ken does so. Free, Viktor goes to fuck him like a animal. Ken is caught by Viktor who locks him up in turn and starts to dominate him hard. He gives himself to his huge dick and after he has done his dick good, Viktor takes him out of his cage to install him on a sling, fuck him and fill his ass with all his cum.