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Horny Cristo and Karl bring Pigboy on these industrial remains of better times to Eastlad.A pig will be sacrificed tonight, and it looks like it'll be innocent Eastlad with his mega cock by the always-eager, skilled, and ready-to-fight Pigboy.

A guy's got a forearm tattooed on his ass...It says something about him doesn't it lol? The dude is really hot, shaved and ready to offer his ass! On a sling he gets fisted, opening his hole to the max. Hungry for more he proceeds to the glory-hole to suck cock and to get fucked some more!

Sean Duran is an edgy stud with badass tattoos and a confident swagger that manifests right away as he leans back on his elbows to confidently watch Tyson Tyler suck him with vigor. The oral service makes Sean's nipples are glass­cutting hard and his stomach crunches in reflexive pleasure. After enjoying the warmth of Tyson's hungry mouth, Sean eats Tyson's sweet fuck hole like an animal. Once it's lubed and basted with saliva, Sean's cock slides in swiftly as he can't wait to feel Tyson's ass swallow and engulf his dick. Sean powerfully pumps his cock into Tyson ass. After an energized first round, Tyson flips onto his back so the two studs can explore every inch of their flesh with even more steamy intimacy. The new position showcases Tyson's high, round bubble­butt and beads of stick sweat collect in the hollow of his throat as his ass clenches hard around Sean's driving shaft. In an explosive climax, Sean grabs Tyson's cock and it spews white juice onto Sean's chiseled chest and abs. Sean pulls out his cock and then feeds his load to Tyson.

Fuck me like a whore
Fuck me like a whore

Lobo knows just what a hungry-for-dick bottom needs – a nice deep throatfuck. He shoves his dick into tattooed sex freak Mark until it can go no further – and then the real fun begins. Lobo starts playing slowly with his tool in and around Mark’s hole and slams it in to the hilt. Then he downshifts again a bit for variety until Mark’s starving hole begs for more. Lobo stuffs fat dildos into Mark’s primed opening as Mark jerks off and cums all over his face. LOBO BAYARD AND MARK METZGER

Hans Berlin fucks a fan
Hans Berlin fucks a fan

A hot sub, well-built and slightly hairy is delighted when he finds in front of him the butch and dominant porn-star Hans Berlin. This is like a dream come true for him! They smile at each other, knowing full well what's about to happen: a sexually intense dom/sub session. A star and his fan: one fully dedicated to pleasing his idol, the other determined to show why he's become a porn-star. Check this out! HANS BERLIN AND MICHEL RUDIN

After a small game of soccer three hot players play a rematch in the locker room. The silky shorts are removed and one lucky player faces two asses ready to be scored! Then it's a fuck-sandwich for a real team spirit! Check it out!

Hung young twink master Felipe Capuco, dark olive skin and tousled hair, waits for his tall stubbled sub twink to arrive and lube up his black and red rubber shirt. Obliging his master, Dante Lucas does this, and works his wet hands down to Felipe's waiting, twitching cock. Licking his lips as he kneels before him and slurps on the thick shaft which he knows will soon be slamming inside him, Dante works it with relish, his own smooth body framed perfectly in a rubber singlet. These two boys get slick with lube, their shining rubber outfits adding to the sleazy nature of Felipe's dominant side coming out as he really does own this bottom boy after spraying his ass and rubber gear with a huge heavy load.

A stylish bearded stud seems to love cock. He blows his partner like a pro. He is a specialist at deep-throating. He is so good at sucking cock that his partner has no problem with skull-fucking him, shoving his dick until it reaches his tonsils!

Some are cruel to animals, others like to use subs and abuse them. Two German skinheads have bought a place where they can indulge their need to humiliate cock-suckers. In their sling they like to stretch a man-cunt with their fists. Their holes are turned into pussies!

Helpless sex doll
Helpless sex doll

Never be badass! This 19-year-old guy will learn the hard lesson. He took a bunch of guys from high up and they're going to make him learn a lesson. A heavy and unforgiving humiliation, the bad boy is bound and transformed in helpless sex doll. Edging, humiliation, correction, extreme dildoing and pumping of cock in the chain. Poor boy is not ready to forget this lesson!

There is a gang of bad-boys in the hood that is not to mess with. Once they have you in their mirror, they grab you, wether you're gay, bi or straight, and they make you pay! They force you down and make you submit to their cock. you're their hostage. You must obey them. Your mouth, your ass and your dick is theirs to do what they please. One way or another, you're gonna become their bitch. You're fucked!

Jon Wild likes playing his guitar, Alex Kosta won't let him since he has the need to ram that cock in. Take a look, that cock is a monster, and Alex knows to ride it like in a horse show.