Sebastian Kane

Sebastian Kane

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Published: 2019-03-14

The ball weight session Sebastian has planned for Jonah is something new to him! He's roped to a chair, looking like a fly caught in a web, waiting for a spider to come and eat him. Although the master isn't that he's certainly looking for a tasty treat! Sucking and stroking the boys cock is just the start, soon the master is attaching a heavy weight to the boys nuts and adding more wight to make them ache! The wanking is so intense even the pain of the weights can't stop Jonah from spewing his cum out!

Published: 2019-03-07

We all know Sebastian loves to make boys cum, but this has to be one of the most extreme ball punishing sessions we've seen yet! Young twink Cameron is slowly tied up and restrained, hanging on the cross, while the master wanks and sucks him to keep his cock hard. The rope around his scrotum is tight, but the addition of some heavy buckets has his nuts in agony! Not to worry though, relief will soon come when the master wanks him and edges that dick to a messy explosion!

Published: 2019-02-21

Reece has been denied a cum load for far too long, and the master knows it's going to be a big one. The hung young man is naked and dangling from a cross beam, his dick right there for wanking and sucking. With a blindfold added he's swung around, a massaging toy used on his most sensitive parts before finally being sucked and wanked to an amazing cum explosion that surprises even the master!

Published: 2019-01-08

Cameron has a load of cum in his balls that master Sebastian is determined to get. The boy is already restrained in a cage of metal, blindfolded and unable to resist when the master arrives to cut his clothes from him. With his hands and feet bound to the metal, his naked cock is sucked, soon to be bound up too as the master creates a harness of rope. Wanked and sucked, edged to the limit, Cameron's cock involuntarily spews hot cream, giving the master a taste of twink ball juice.

Published: 2018-12-31

Leo has been stripped naked, strung up and tied to the cross beams, his cock hanging temptingly between his legs. Of course master Sebastian can't resist such a tempting sight! He's on that dick, wanking and sucking the boy, but soon enough he's getting a little rough with the riding crop. Some ball slapping and some pegging ensues, with the boys balls stretched out attached to strings leading to the ground. His cock can't take all that pleasure for long as the master wanks him off furiously, making his semen spew from his helmet!

Published: 2018-07-15

New slave boy Kenzie had no idea this is what was going to happen to him. He's bound up to the cross in just his underwear when the master arrives to have his way with him, and Sebastian won't be happy until the boys balls are emptied. Blindfolded, gagged, tortured and flogged, the boy is finally sucked and wanked to the absolute limits, his cum splashing out against his will and his balls aching with the force of the relief!

Published: 2018-06-07

Sebastian has some very special humiliation planned for this extremely cute young twink! Cameron is kneeling naked and cuffed into a doggy position, with the master taking control of his arse and his cock imprisoned in a chastity device. Fingered and spanked with the riding crop, his hole is soon being stretched further with a toy, but a bigger one is coming! Made to fuck himself and take that fat length, the master continues to punish and humiliate the boy, even taking some photos for future use!

Published: 2018-05-14

Master Sebastian is getting a little rough with poor Cameron! The naked boy is chained down by his wrists, ankles and neck, blindfolded and vulnerable as the master arrived. Some swift slaps and kicks against his balls, the twink knows this isn't going to be easy. His cock is kept hard with sucking and wanking as hot molten wax is drizzled over him, but when the master makes the sweet boy cum the fun is far from over!

Published: 2018-05-07

Olly has been naughty, and that deserves stern punishment. Sebastian knows what to do, using his trusty cane (one that's seen plenty of bare buttocks in its time) as he spanks the boy and gets him naked. Once there are enough welts on his bum and back, it's time for the master to really enjoy himself, turning the chained up twink and wanking and sucking the boy to the limit, making his uncut cock spew juice against his will and then increasing the discomfort by continuing to play with his sensitive and spent erection. That'll teach the boy!

Published: 2018-04-09

Luke and Dylan had no clue this was going to become the horny session of cock torture and punishment it became. The master has them both naked and tied into standing positions, sucking them and flogging them in­turn as he enjoys himself. When those cocks are bound and the boys are used against each other, things become more sinister!

Tied to a chair with rope and blindfolded, Jonny Parker really is at Sebastian's mercy in this video. His uncut cock exposed, it's not long until Seb sets his sights on it after a sensual massage. He even ropes that part of him up too - not sure why he thinks it might escape - and then sets about bringing the hot, furry-legged beauty to orgasm.

Relaxed on the doctor's bench, Leo Foxx lies waiting to discover his fate. Hoping to the opportunity to turn Leo into a regular at the Mill Factory, Sebastian plans to give him the massage of a life time. As Leo and Sebastian enjoy a long smoke, Sebastian brings Leo's dick alive with a tormenting, slow cock massage which has Leo moaning with pleasure. Fag after fag, Sebastian brings Leo to the edge time and again before slowing almost to a stop. It brings Leo to an intense climax which results is stream after stream of the straight lad's cum shooting over his face and body.