All over the house
All over the house

All over the house

Gay video. Time: 31 min

Darek paid us a visit in London! So I organised a threesome with my good friend Sergio Wilde and we fucked all over the house! This scene starts with Macho Pappi Darek Kraft flexing his muscles in the kitchen shirtless- until I come in to greet him. It's been a few months since he last seen me so naturally he was very horny- as was I. Pappi starts kissing me in the kitchen and naturally my very short sporty shorts come straight off, revealing my jockstraps. At this stage and Sergio walks in and surprises Darek. I know that Papi always likes two holes more than one. Darek starts fucking me on the kitchen counter near the sink and then fucks Sergio. Darek the mood is this to the main hallway of the apartment and takes his hands on both of our holes there too. Eventually we all end up in the bedroom with cum absolutely everywhere!

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