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After a small game of soccer three hot players play a rematch in the locker room. The silky shorts are removed and one lucky player faces two asses ready to be scored! Then it's a fuck-sandwich for a real team spirit! Check it out!

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Helpless sex doll
Helpless sex doll

Never be badass! This 19-year-old guy will learn the hard lesson. He took a bunch of guys from high up and they're going to make him learn a lesson. A heavy and unforgiving humiliation, the bad boy is bound and transformed in helpless sex doll. Edging, humiliation, correction, extreme dildoing and pumping of cock in the chain. Poor boy is not ready to forget this lesson!

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Jon Wild likes playing his guitar, Alex Kosta won't let him since he has the need to ram that cock in. Take a look, that cock is a monster, and Alex knows to ride it like in a horse show.


Joel wants to put his body in tune but his personal trainer uses not very conventional methods to achieve his goal. For coach Thomas, his clients must obey him in everything and worship him without limits if they want results. Joel must kiss his dirty sneakers, lick his cock like a god's, and be fucked hard. Will he be a good athlete?


There is no other way to end the biggest gay sex event in Europe than a giant orgy involving the most popular names in the gay porn industry. Never before have so many cocks met so many mouths and asses, a real symphony of perverse fucks

Delicious Hunter Page is cruising the sex club for some action when super­ripped hunk Austin Wolf, hidden in the shadows, grabs Hunter by the back of his jockstrap. Hunter goes for it and wastes no time slipping Austin's thick meat into his warm mouth. Hunter tongue's Austin's balls and gags on his shaft as he teases and fingers his own hole. Austin picks Hunter up and hoists him up onto his waste, wrapping Hunter's legs around his body and pressing his cock on Hunter's willing hole. Austin puts Hunter down on his back and burrows his face in between Hunter's furry ass cheeks. Sticking fingers and tongues into Hunter's center, Austin preps him for a rough pounding. Hunter gets spun around and gets his mouth fucked as Austin goes balls deep. Spinning Hunter around again, Austin thrusts his dick into Hunter and stuffs his jockstrap into his mouth. Changing the pace, Austin lets Hunter control the fuck and ride him. Hunter passionately bounces on Austin's rod taking every last inch. With Hunter now on all fours, Austin drills him from behind, holding Hunter in a headlock and pulling him closer as he digs deeper into his ass with his thick cock. Austin keeps pounding and wrapping his hands around Hunter's neck until he spills his load out of his huge cock. Austin pulls out and comes around to blow his wad all over Hunter's face.

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Father Theo Reid is back in his confessional and opens the partition screen to Justin Blake. Justin is straight, blond and a hot young Aussie. He feels that recently he has done something terribly wrong and not even his girlfriend can find out. Justin has been cruising the online chat rooms and speaking with a girl, well he though she was a she.. They arranged to meet and when she turned up if turned out to be a hot guy. Overcome by disappointment but totally horned up from what they talked about online he says he opened the door and fucked with the guy. This confession just turns Theo on even more than before and it’s not long before he’s leaning back, stroking himself as he hears every sordid detail! Reaching through the concealed hole, Theo rests a hand on Justin. Surprised but excited Justin succumbs quickly to Father Theo’s advances and they both enjoy what god gave them through the glory hole. Justin relives getting fucked from his confession as Theo fucks him hard enough to almost being the confessional down, the moans and groans surely giving the game away to the congregation! Theo doesn’t take any prisoners and keeps fucking our toned slightly muscled bottom boy until they both shoot hot thick cum over each other.