It's getting hot at Doctor Mecum's office
It's getting hot at Doctor Mecum's office

It's getting hot at Doctor Mecum's office

Gay video. Time: 25 min

Skyy Knox's arm is tender from an injury on the field and 'Jock Doc' Alex Mecum wants to give him a full exam to make sure everything else is in good working order. Just when Alex is about to give Skyy the green light, Skyy reminds the doc that he needs an anal exam. Alex agrees that it's a good idea and lubes up his fingers to slide them into Skyy's tight bubble-butt. As the doctor goes deeper inside his patient, Skyy's hospital gown slips off to reveal his tight, ripped muscles. Alex takes notice and needs to explore the rest of Skyy's hard-earned body by sampling his ass and uncut dick. That does the trick for Skyy who satisfies his curiosity by sucking the doctor's giant cock. Alex can't take the suspense of getting his dick inside Skyy any longer and bends him over his desk to give his patient a proper ass stretching. Alex pumps away until Skyy decides that it's his turn to do the fucking. Alex lies back on the table and lets his patient do the work as Skyy pounds away at the doctor's prostate. Skyy keeps fucking the doctor hard until he pounds the cum right out of his girthy cock. Alex is drenched in his own cum when he starts begging for Skyy for a thick facial. Skyy does as the doctor orders and pulls out to fill Alex's mouth with a massive, pent-up load.

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