Ashton Bradley

Ashton Bradley

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Published: 2019-02-28

Ashton has been needing to shoot a load for a little while, thankfully he finds exactly what he needs when arriving to greet a naked and restrained Luke! The handsome and fit lad is roped into positional already, his heavy uncut cock hanging between his legs ready for wanking and sucking, his smooth arse ready for hard fucking! After gobbling Luke's dick Ashton penetrates his fuckhole, ramming him hard and deep repeatedly, building up those loads for a messy wet finish. Poor Luke can't stop his cum from erupting when Ashton wanks him off, ending with Ashton splashed with jizz and jerking out his own satisfying load!

Published: 2019-02-14

Eric does not recognize himself anymore. Here he is naked, suspended, tied, reduced to the state of total sex toy. What happened to make this cute guy become a slave to a rogue master? Eric always fantasized about the deviant masters and when he met this guy he submitted to him. He wants to obey Him, to serve Him, to enjoy himself only by being manipulated by His hands. This master makes him reach the ecstasy that he thought was not possible.

Published: 2018-11-04

Cute young Cameron has been left hanging, naked and exposed for horny Ashton to come and use as a fuck toy. The twink takes a beating, with the devious boy flogging his back and buttocks, but there's more in store. His arse is so tempting Ashton can't possibly pass up the chance to sink his hard length into him and fuck him hard, teaching the boy who's boss with a cum load splashed over him!

Published: 2018-06-25

Casper is in the perfect position for horny Ashton. The dominating boy arrives to find the twink ready and waiting, bound into a pile driver position, his hole in the air waiting to be fucked. Some spitting and hole stretching has his pucker aching, and Ashton certainly uses it, thrusting his length down into the boy, forward and back too, before wanking out a fountain of cum over the humiliated slut!

Published: 2018-05-21

Already in position, bent over with his inexperienced hairy hole on show, our newest cock slave Nathan gets some much needed stretching from Ashton. The boy starts off with a slippery toy and his lubed up fingers, but once that fuck hole is open enough he rams his big cock inside him and uses Nathan until he's ready to wank out his juice over his arse. The handsome new guys thick dick might be tempting, but he's not allowed to cum, not yet!

Published: 2018-04-02

Arthur is a young dude who needs discipline. He's the type of boy who wants to be owned and punished. His cock gets hard at the thought of getting whipped, spanked, fingered, milked and used. He's meeting up with a young sadistic top who's gonna give him what he needs, and more!

Aaron Aurora just loves getting toyed with and Ashton Bradley's the one with the toy chest ready to deploy all manner of object. Chained to the floor and eventually blindfolded, you're going to love seeing Aaron's ass eat up everything it's given, including a load of piss right from the dominant boys cock!

Young man Calvin Croft might think that he's just stopping to take a piss, but the kinky and pervert Ashton Bradley has other ideas. He's prepared to grab the youth and use his ass for his own entertainment! Knocked out and with his ass exposed, Ashton takes advantage, fucking the boys ass with toys, stretching him out and even fisting his pucker too! Poor young man is delivered to master's mercy and will have to suffer forced fisting of his young ass.

Stunning Chad Chambers is chained to the ceiling of the mill ready to be used by Ashton Bradley. Ashton starts by flogging the boy into submission before setting to work on the his hot ass. Chad moans and groans as Ashton Fucks him hard and fast pushing his dick all the way into him before pulling out and shooting his load all over Chad's face. Ashton then helps Chad by washing him down... with a warm golden piss shower.

The ever submissive Leo James is bound to a pole and fed beer by Ashton Bradley and Mark Henley. Ashton and Mark then piss on him through a funnel. Ashton ups the stakes and covers him in pegs before flicking them off. Mark then face fucks Leo while his partner in crime wanks him off till he cums hard!

Sexy little twink boy Will Adams was napped by the crew when loitering around the local train station. Its not long before the crew put Will's assets to good use and begin to explore his limits. Ashton uses and abuses Will's ass by spanking till it's red raw. Then he moves on to his tight, 18 year old hole. He penetrates Will's hole with his fingers and a dildo. Timid, quiet, and unable to release his bindings, Will can do nothing but allow Ashton to have his fun. With Ashton completing his abuse on Will he leaves the weak, shy boy still bound to the floor of The Mill for Sebastian and Leo to cover the boys face in showers of cum.

Baby-faced Scott Williams is in for some real pain in this video with the Ashton Bradley. Tied to a sling, Scott can only twist and turn as he is covered in ice, wax, and deep heat, before Ashton makes him cum. Ashton continues his abuse on Scott's not ultra-sensitive dick before leaving him hanging.