Dauer: 100 Minuten
Stefan visits his friend Igor in Berlin and has a weekend full of excitement. A city brimming with hot men. So much to do! Every second there's a Flirt, a Pickup and a Fuck! A quickie in the Berlin subway is nothing new! At Igor's flat, there's lots of traffic. Later at the movies, you can bet nobody's watching the film!
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Two friends go to the movies to see Hustler White from Bruce LaBruce. Once in the theater they notice that the audience made of only gay men. Excited they indulge themselves to their exhibitionist urge. They take their cock out and start wanking. Of course they don't go unnoticed and desire for sex quickly spreads around them. Everyone is joining the fun, sucking, wanking and fucking, building up to an explosion of cum! A cult video that you'll want to watch over and over again!

Four buddies get together to share a few beers in front of a porn movie. They haven't fucked for a week and it doesn't take long for their dicks to start getting hard. Sloppy blowjobs and deep ass-drilling in an intense 4-some orgy!

A young tourist has landed in a German gay hostel. In less than 5 minutes in the place he finds himself facing a naked boy in a bathroom. Of course the boys start touching and wanking each-other. In the hostel kitchen the manager too is horny and lets a client tease him...Cocks are getting sucked and asses are getting stuffed everywhere in this German gay hostel!!!

In a Berlin gay auberge a young dude is slowly waking up. He's got a morning wood and is slowly rubbing it against the bed sheet. He realises how badly he'd love to suck cock right now. He put is underwear on and heads off to the kitchen where he falls head to head with a sublime blond hunk. He can't help but to bend over to show off his cute ass. He wants the stud so badly! It works! The hunk grabs him and brings him to his knees...The boy's throat will soon be filled with meat...

Veröffentlicht: 2019-01-08

Welcome to the inter-city German train where everything and anything goes. A hot guy is checking out the young black dude sitter in front of him. His massive hard-on is clearly visible in his tracksuits and the black guy has noticed the big bulging cock. No time to waste, he wants a taste of that cock before the next stop! In another car a skinhead's got his eyes on the passenger next to him...A few looks and soon after the two guys are wanking and sucking each other off! One hot commuting day on the CUM line!!!

Two hot guys have spent the night together after they met in a Berlin club the day before. The sun is rising and the cute blond guy is asleep while his new skinhead friend is awake with an urge to fuck. He takes advantage of the sleeping beauty to please himself. Although still asleep, the hunk's cock is already hard above his tight smooth ball-sack. Impossible to resist to that beautiful dick who needs to be sucked. Next the skinhead slowly moves his hand under his balls, slowly massaging the pink hole...he pushes his finger in it, making way for his hard cock...An intense deep fuck, the best way to be awaken in the morning!

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